Definition of "serge" [serge]

  • (noun) A twilled cloth of worsted or worsted and wool, often used for suits.
  • (verb-transitive) To overcast (the raw edges of a fabric) to prevent unraveling.

Use "serge" in a sentence

  • "In no way your argument 'troop serge' is working, is any good for that poor country."
  • "The swing-door creaked, and in the doorway appeared a rather short young Jew with a big beak-like nose, with a bald patch surrounded by rough red curly hair; he was dressed in a short and very shabby reefer jacket, with rounded lappets and short sleeves, and in short serge trousers, so that he looked skimpy and short-tailed like an unfledged bird."
  • "Just think, in 500 years' time it could be part of the global language, like the cloth originally known as serge de Nimes, which makes up over 90 percent of the world's jeans."

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