Definition of "separatism" [sep•a•ra•tism]

  • (noun) A theory or doctrine which supports a state of separation between organizations, institutions, or other societal groups (e.g. between church and state) or between different political jurisdictions (e.g. a country and its former colony).
  • (noun) The practice of treating members of different societal groups in a politically, legally, or economically different manner.

Use "separatism" in a sentence

  • "Third, separatism is um foundational to fundamentalism, and it requires people who leave to be considered apostate."
  • "Basically separatism is an idea that will die with an older generation who continues to support it vehemently."
  • "Nationalist-based fascism and separatism is not a Texas or Southern issue, it's the train that the Far Right is now riding in every region of America."

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