Definition of "self-reproach" [self•-re•proach]

  • (noun) The act or an instance of charging oneself with a fault or mistake.

Use "self-reproach" in a sentence

  • "He was periodically paralyzed by self-reproach and insecurity, and once wrote a defensive third-person preface to one of his later novels (The Age of Longing) in which he described its style as modeled on that of a certain “A. Koestler,” whose writing, “lacking in ornament and distinction, is easy to imitate.”"
  • "In his article “Mourning and Melancholia,” published in 1917, Freud characterized grief as a normal reaction, but also noted that it becomes “pathological” when the survivor has mixed feelings about the deceased, leading to guilt and unconscious self-reproach for his or her death."
  • "The National played a set at the Hollywood Bowl on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 that made their signature subjects -- self-reproach, uncertainty, despair -- turn sublime."

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