Definition of "self-interested" [self•-in•ter•est•ed]

  • (adjective) Particularly concerned for one's own interest or happiness.

Use "self-interested" in a sentence

  • "In truth, most people's politics are self-interested, which is precisely what defines the two main parties' "core vote"."
  • "When asked by a university researcher in the early 1930s why they serviced customers of other races, a white prostitute and a black prostitute gave similarly self-interested answers."
  • "As the late Amos Elon put it in The Pity of It All: A History of Jews in Germany, 1743–1933, “The history of Jewish assimilation, not only in Germany, has long been a subversive subject, which the assimilated have suppressed so as not to draw attention to themselves, and the Zionists, for equally self-interested reasons, have distorted.”"

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