Definition of "self-fertilised" [self-fertilised]

  • Fertilized by its own pollen (adjective)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "self-fertilised" in a sentence
  • "Perhaps there had been, once, when the air was thick enough to support insects, but now most of the Martian plant-life was self-fertilised."
  • "Now Henslow, in his “Floral Structures,” [18] adopts the same theory for all the wind-fertilised or self-fertilised flowers, and he tells me that he is alone in the view."
  • "And thus, the strange fact of an increase of fertility in the successive generations of artificially fertilised hybrids, in contrast with those spontaneously self-fertilised, may, as I believe, be accounted for by too close interbreeding having been avoided."