Definition of "self-feeling" []

  • Self-awareness; knowledge or familiarity of oneself. (noun)
  • Self-centredness, egotism. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "self-feeling" in a sentence
  • "The great philosophers, the great prophets, one by one, have extended the circle of self-feeling out -- have expanded the circle of compassion from kin, to tribe, to creed, and ultimately to all of humanity."
  • "If we fail often in this self-feeling, in this duty to love our neighbor as ourself, to treat all humans as means and not ends, well at least the great amongst us, whether Jesus or Socrates, have told us again and again that we are all one."
  • ""If love closes, the self contracts and hardens: the mind having nothing else to occupy its attention and give it that change and renewal it requires, busies itself more and more with self-feeling, which takes on narrow and disgusting forms, like avarice, arrogance and fatuity.""