Definition of "self-deceived" []

  • Deceived by one's own illusions or errors. (adjective)

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Use "self-deceived" in a sentence
  • "Should we continue to be susceptible to the con, to a large extent self-deceived by our own greed, and to continue to support business, community and church leaders, politicians and others who play the game of giving us subterfuge aimed to manipulate, then we can only expect more of the same."
  • "Especially when a character is as self-involved, not to mention self-deceived, as Maximilien Aue, the true-believing Nazi SS officer who narrates his war experiences in The Kindly Ones, any critical commentary must acknowledge that "meaning" or "theme" (and even at times "style") are conditioned by the limits of the narrator's perspective."
  • "But if our shared culture doesn't have the eyes to see what they see and know what they know, such men and women usually end up being perceived as irrational, self-deceived, and deluded -- as representatives of the false."