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Definition of "self-communion" [self•-com•mun•ion]

  • Communion with one's self; thoughts about one's self. (noun)

Gnu Collaboartive International Dictionary of English: licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

Use "self-communion" in a sentence
  • "A little bitter self-communion had not taken long to show him his childishness."
  • "In this lonely self-communion she seems to reason, reflect, and argue; if she spell a word wrong with the fingers of her right hand, she instantly strikes it with her left, as her teacher does, in sign of disapprobation; if right, then she pats herself upon the head, and looks pleased."
  • "There are moments of deep feeling, when one must be alone in self-communion, alike to encounter good fortune or danger and despair, even if one draws out the essence of every misery in thought."