Definition of "seigneur" [seigneur]

  • (noun) A man of rank, especially a feudal lord in the ancien régime.
  • (noun) In Canada, a man who owned a large estate originally held by a feudal grant from the king of France.
  • (noun) Used as a form of address for such a man.

Use "seigneur" in a sentence

  • "The term seigneur is still used but is now a mere honorary title."
  • "Bodin adopted the term seigneur as the equivalent of despótēs for one of his three varieties of government in the French version of the Six livres de la République"
  • "The habitants of New France respected the horny-handed man in homespun whom they called their seigneur: the depth of this loyalty and respect could not fairly be measured by old-world standards."

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