Definition of "section" []

  • One of several components; a piece. (noun)
  • A subdivision of a written work. (noun)
  • Law A division of a statute or code. (noun)
  • A distinct portion of a newspaper: the sports section. (noun)
  • A distinct area of a town, county, or country: a residential section. (noun)
  • A part cut off or separated from the main body of something (noun)

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  • A part or subdivision of a piece of writing, book, etc (noun)
  • One of several component parts (noun)
  • A distinct part or subdivision of a country, community, etc (noun)
  • An area one mile square (640 acres) in a public survey, esp in the western parts of the US and Canada (noun)
  • A plot of land for building on, esp in a suburban area (noun)
  • The section of a railway track that is maintained by a single crew or is controlled by a particular signal box (noun)
  • The act or process of cutting or separating by cutting (noun)
  • A representation of a portion of a building or object exposed when cut by an imaginary vertical plane so as to show its construction and interior (noun)
  • A plane surface formed by cutting through a solid (noun)
  • The shape or area of such a plane surface (noun)
  • Any procedure involving the cutting or division of an organ, structure, or part, such as a Caesarian section (noun)
  • A thin slice of biological tissue, mineral, etc, prepared for examination by a microscope (noun)
  • A segment of an orange or other citrus fruit (noun)
  • A small military formation, typically comprising two or more squads or aircraft (noun)
  • A fare stage on a bus, tram, etc (noun)
  • An extended division of a composition or movement that forms a coherent part of the structure (noun)
  • A division in an orchestra, band, etc, containing instruments belonging to the same class (noun)
  • A folded printing sheet or sheets ready for gathering and binding (noun)
  • To cut or divide into sections (verb)
  • To cut through so as to reveal a section (verb)
  • (in drawing, esp mechanical drawing) to shade so as to indicate sections (verb)
  • To cut or divide (an organ, structure, or part) (verb)
  • To have (a mentally disturbed person) confined in a mental hospital under an appropriate section of the mental health legislation (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "section" in a sentence
  • "*** CuD, Issue #1. 18/File 3 of 5/Title 18 USC Sect 1343 *** % We asked Mike Godwin to forward a copy of Title 18 USC % section% 1343 because it is the basis of eight of the 11 counts (the other 3 allege violations of section 2314)."
  • "And if this whole magnet be more and more positive, by regular degrees through all the sections, from its negative to its positive end or pole, then the nearer any given part of it, say the _second section_ -- the patient's person, may be to its positive pole in the negative post, so much the more _positive_ that section or part will be."
  • "$section: the name of the section to which this field relates; we called ours"