Definition of "second-growth" []

  • Natural regrowth of a forest after fire, cutting, or some other disturbance (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "second-growth" in a sentence
  • "A long-abandoned city covered with second-growth forest lay across spring-swollen waters."
  • "OUR WAY LED THROUGH OCCASIONAL STANDS OF OLD-GROWTH forest but mostly wound through second-growth that had sprung up in old burns or patches where gulf storms had laid down swaths of timber."
  • "According to a Los Angeles Times article of 8/25, A Tale of Grape versus Redwood, the response by Sonoma County Wine Grape Commission President, Nick Frey, to the query of "why there?" was: "It's an area of second-growth trees and the whole area, the wine industry here in Sonoma County, has been growing.""
  • "Set in an idyllic landscape that includes second-growth forest, pasture land and even a retired orchard, this converted dairy barn is sure to charm its inhabitants with its rustic character without robbing them of the conveniences of contemporary living."
  • "Beyond that stood a piece of property covered with second-growth forest."
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