Definition of "seasonably" [seasonably]

  • (adverb) In due season; at an opportune or fitting time.
  • (adverb) Varying with the season.
  • (adverb) In a manner appropriate to the season.
  • (adverb) Within the appropriate time period during which an action will be legally effective, as prescribed in legislation, a contract, or otherwise.

Use "seasonably" in a sentence

  • "Many men may be far more ready to hear the gospel than we imagine; and a word seasonably and kindly spoken may be the means of saving them, Pr 25: 11; Ec 11: 6."
  • "Ananias, and just such a man as thou art, coming in seasonably for his relief, and putting his hand on him that he might receive his sight."
  • "But an expression seasonably uttered determined the matter whilst still undecided; for when a meeting of the senate, a little after this, was being held in the Curia Hostilia regarding these questions, and some troops returning from relieving guard passed through the forum in their march, a centurion in the comitium cried out, "Standard-bearer, fix your standard! it is best for us to remain here.""

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