Definition of "searcher" [search•er]

  • (noun) One who searches.
  • (noun) An officer in London appointed to examine the bodies of the dead, and report the cause of death.
  • (noun) A customs officer responsible for searching ships, merchandise, luggage, etc.
  • (noun) An inspector of leather.
  • (noun) An instrument for examining the bore of a cannon, to detect cavities.

Use "searcher" in a sentence

  • "So, a title searcher comes in one day & bring a small folding camping type chair & sets it up in the Recorder's office & settles in to do their work."
  • "As a title searcher, I can attest to this general decline."
  • "The eventuality guides will infer highly utilitarian to the uncertain searcher because they additionally give some simple information as good as reviews upon what the shows suggest to the audience."

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