Definition of "seal" []

  • A die or signet having a raised or incised emblem used to stamp an impression on a receptive substance such as wax or lead. (noun)
  • The impression so made. (noun)
  • The design or emblem itself, belonging exclusively to the user: a monarch's seal. (noun)
  • A small disk or wafer of wax, lead, or paper bearing such an imprint and affixed to a document to prove authenticity or to secure it. (noun)
  • Something, such as a commercial hallmark, that authenticates, confirms, or attests. (noun)
  • A device impressed on a piece of wax, moist clay, etc, fixed to a letter, document, etc, as a mark of authentication (noun)

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  • A stamp, ring, etc, engraved with a device to form such an impression (noun)
  • A substance, esp wax, so placed over an envelope, document, etc, that it must be broken before the object can be opened or used (noun)
  • Any substance or device used to close or fasten tightly (noun)
  • A material, such as putty or cement, that is used to close an opening to prevent the passage of air, water, etc (noun)
  • A small amount of water contained in the trap of a drain to prevent the passage of foul smells (noun)
  • An agent or device for keeping something hidden or secret (noun)
  • Anything that gives a pledge or confirmation (noun)
  • A decorative stamp often sold in aid of charity (noun)
  • The obligation never to reveal anything said by a penitent in confession (noun)
  • To affix a seal to, as proof of authenticity (verb)
  • To stamp with or as if with a seal (verb)
  • To approve or authorize (verb)
  • To close or secure with or as if with a seal (verb)
  • To enclose (a place) with a fence, wall, etc (verb)
  • To decide irrevocably (verb)
  • To make (a marriage or adoption) perpetually binding (verb)
  • To subject (the outside of meat, etc) to fierce heat so as to retain the juices during cooking (verb)
  • To close tightly so as to render airtight or watertight (verb)
  • To paint (a porous material) with a nonporous coating (verb)
  • To consolidate (a road surface) with bitumen, tar, etc (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "seal" in a sentence
  • "God's law, has placed the seal of _death_ upon every living human body in the world; and sin has stamped the _seal of death_ upon every unsaved soul in hell."
  • "_seal_, and the delivery of this seal was a sign of confidence; and as a ceremony in marriage, its signification is, that the wife is admitted to the husband's counsels."
  • "For that reason, a suitable dressing that can hold the seal is a crucial element of the system."