Definition of "scapegoating" [scapegoating]

  • Present participle of scapegoat. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "scapegoating" in a sentence
  • "By engaging in scapegoating, you have played into the hands of corporate America and the elitists who have you on a puppet-string …"
  • "Moreover, when the Times botched the ACORN story, as Hoyt now concedes, it acted as an unwitting co-conspirator with Fox News, Glenn Beck and the rest of the right wing echo chamber in scapegoating an organization that helps the working poor facing hard times to stay in their homes, make a living wage, and vote."
  • "Think about that – the people to whom we have handed over responsibility for educating our children are engaged in scapegoating, offering bread-and-circus diversions while the children under their care see their life chances slipping away."