Definition of "scampi" []

  • (noun) Large shrimp broiled or sautĂ©ed and served in a garlic and butter sauce.

Use "scampi" in a sentence

  • "It's followed by a dish called scampi, which features as the star of the show a ham hock terrine, with squares of raw apple, splodges of almond "gel" and a crustacean oil-laced "soil" made of lactose and flour."
  • "Menu: The Italian-American menu kicks off with a slew of pasta dishes, including red-sauced specialties along with non-red options, such as scampi over linguini with a butter sauce; chicken farfalle with Alfredo, roasted red peppers and prosciutto; and linguine with clams, pancetta and mushrooms in a scallion cream sauce."
  • "Italian restaurants use shrimp in dishes such as scampi, linguine and tortas."

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