Definition of "sawmill" [saw•mill]

  • (noun) A plant where timber is sawed into boards.
  • (noun) A large machine for sawing lumber.

Use "sawmill" in a sentence

  • "I do NOT like the cream gravy with sausage in it, however; I think they call it sawmill gravy."
  • "Yet the sawmill was a conservatory of sorts for Maxine, Jim Ed and Bonnie, who early on revealed their musical precociousness by identifying exactly when a spinning saw blade had been properly tempered."
  • "I know that even then, had I answered him differently the matter would not have ended as it did, but my spirit rose proud and defiant, and I said with a tone of mock levity, 'How long a journey do you purpose taking, Mr. Blake? is it to the grist-mill, or to the sawmill, which is a little farther away?'"

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