Definition of "savante" []

  • A man of great learning; sage (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "savante" in a sentence
  • "Aye, but a foolish one who thought herself a savante, and Giacomo Casanova renders her flaws with gusto in his memoirs."
  • "He entered unobserved, just as Lady Penelope had finished reading some verses, and was commenting upon them with all the alacrity of a femme savante, in possession of something which no one is to hear repeated oftener than once."
  • "So, in a serious effort to re-evaluate a possibly unfairly maligned savante, I'm beginning a series of quotes, at the end of each new entry, reviewing:"
  • "Seattle and Olympia do not have a monopoly on idoit savante traffic planners."
  • "The poet Charles de Sainte-Marthe called Anne de Pisseleu "la plus belle des savantes et la plus savante des belles" "the most beautiful among the learned and the most learned among the beautiful"."