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Definition of "sauropsid" [sauropsid]

  • A member of the Sauropsida, a comprehensive group of vertebrates comprising the reptiles and birds. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "sauropsid" in a sentence
  • "Many years later euryapsids had vanished into the lepidosaurs sphenodon, snakes and lizards-all diapsids as a secondary change, and then there was the term “sauropsid” which I saw for the 1st time at AMNH which gathered together all non synapsids and non turtles."
  • "The last change is circulatory -- from the sauropsid blood system which still permits some mixing of venous and arterial blood, to the pteropsid system we see in Earthly birds, which supplies nothing to the brain but oxygenated arterial blood."
  • "In our hypothetical scenario, perhaps it was the island population that was destined to give rise to the sauropsid reptiles that’s everything we call reptiles today plus birds, while the mainland population eventually gave rise to the mammals."
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