Definition of "saunter" [saun•ter]

  • (verb-intransitive) To walk at a leisurely pace; stroll.
  • (noun) A leisurely pace.
  • (noun) A leisurely walk or stroll.

Use "saunter" in a sentence

  • ""Jason Dufner's walk defines the word 'saunter,'" Graeme McDowell tweeted."
  • "Sax liked Thoreau's explanation for the word saunter: from à la Sainte Terre, describing pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land."
  • "The word saunter, like many others, can't be traced back very far (AHD: Probably from Middle English santren, to muse), but of course that doesn't stop people from trying, and this word has a particularly enjoyable pseudo-etymology, discussed in the following typically piquant passage from one of the stories in Kim Stanley Robinson's The Martians (a book I recommend to anyone who likes thoughtful, human-oriented science fiction):Long walks around Odessa at the end of the day."

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