Definition of "sappy" [sap•py]

  • (adjective) Full of sap; juicy.
  • (adjective) Slang Excessively sentimental; mawkish.
  • (adjective) Slang Silly or foolish.

Use "sappy" in a sentence

  • "For two reasons: one, as I mentioned, I wrote this as a way to heal, and the last thing I wanted was to get bogged down in sappy emotion."
  • "The reason I feel sappy is because I am absurdly touched by the invitation, considering my stepbrother and I watched our friendship crumble into nothing when it was systematically assaulted by familial forces."
  • "Tacked on to the scaffolding of the unproduced play, Cap’n Simon Wheeler, The Amateur Detective, this enigmatic, dream-ridden fantasy involves a young man who travels three days on horseback from Kentucky to a small Missouri town with the intention of shooting to death a cousin, who is described as sappy, sentimental, giddy, and thoughtless, to settle a family feud."

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