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Use "sanitarium" in a sentence
  • "Races, which was written by a number of MGM contract writers including George Seaton (who later went on to write and direct Miracle on 34th Street), seems to me to soften the Brothers up quite a bit more; Groucho's less of a * schnorrer*, Chico has a real job (working at the sanitarium), as does Harpo (a jockey?!), and their goals are even nobler: they don't just want to help out young lovers, they want to save a failing sanitarium from the evil businessman."
  • "And just in case those meddlesome friends of Hugh's manage to get wind of what we've done, the sanitarium is the safest place she could be!"
  • "The proprietor of the so-called sanitarium was also arrested, and both prisoners were driven down to the Brooklyn police station."