Definition of "sampler" [sam•pler]

  • One who is employed to take and appraise samples, as of a food product. (noun)
  • A mechanical device that is used to obtain and analyze samples. (noun)
  • A decorative piece of cloth embroidered with various designs or mottoes in a variety of stitches, serving as an example of skill at needlework. (noun)
  • A representative collection or selection: a sampler of American short-story writers. (noun)
  • A variety; an assortment. (noun)

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Use "sampler" in a sentence
  • "Quite a few of them, particularly a pair of WORD's 'Now Hear This' discs as well as a label sampler and a few themed ones via "the competition", are nearly worn out at this stage."
  • "Oishinbo: Japanese Cuisine (Viz): A culinary sampler from the long-running food manga."
  • "The Elfrida who's doing that sampler is the same age as me, and born the same day, she reflected."