Definition of "same" [same]

  • (adjective) Being the very one; identical: the same boat we rented before.
  • (adjective) Similar in kind, quality, quantity, or degree.
  • (adjective) Conforming in every detail: according to the same rules as before.
  • (adjective) Being the one previously mentioned or indicated; aforesaid.
  • (adverb) In the same way: The words sale and sail are pronounced the same.

Use "same" in a sentence

  • "It's as if the title and article you quoted in your post has now been replaced with a new title and article about the same subject, and the search function using the term "BULLETIN:" on Strieber's site, which pulls up this new article, seems to be in the _same place_ as what I have to presume was the original, belief-biased article."
  • "This state of affairs would seem to be a case of parallel but nonunified sets of conscious states had by the same subject, in some good sense of the term ˜same subject™."
  • "As Locke has it, being the same person just is having the ˜same consciousness™."

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