Definition of "salsa" []

  • A spicy sauce of chopped, usually uncooked vegetables or fruit, especially tomatoes, onions, and chili peppers, used as a condiment. (noun)
  • Music A popular form of Latin-American dance music, characterized by Afro-Caribbean rhythms, Cuban big-band dance melodies, and elements of jazz and rock. (noun)
  • A type of Latin American big-band dance music (noun)

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  • A dance performed to this kind of music (noun)
  • A spicy tomato-based sauce (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "salsa" in a sentence
  • "I had to go to Costco because I was out of both salsa and jalapenos, I normally wait for payday on the 1st for my Costco shopping but I cannot live without salsa& jelapenos for my bacon omelets."
  • "In my last week's "Strictly" debut, our romantic waltz brought out my inner princess, but this week's spicy Latin salsa is unleashing my inner tart."
  • "I violate this rule all the time because most Mexican food without salsa is like a day without sunshine so I dip into that repository of e-coli bacteria with abandon and do I really believe, I mean really believe, that that restaurant doesn´t pour the left over salsa from a prevous diner into you salsa bowl?"