Definition of "saloon-keeper" [saloon-keeper]

  • One who keeps a saloon for the retailing of liquors. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "saloon-keeper" in a sentence
  • "MacDonald weighed one hundred and eighty pounds, and Daylight had him gripped solely by his hand; yet, by a sheer abrupt jerk, he took the saloon-keeper off his feet and flung him face downward in the snow."
  • ""I never bet in the teeth of a pat hand," he said slowly, looking at the saloon-keeper."
  • "She had obeyed her mother; obeyed Cady, the saloon-keeper, and Cady's wife; obeyed the matron and the other women in the orphan asylum; obeyed Tom when she came to live in his house, and never run in the streets because he didn't wish her to."