Definition of "saint" [saint]

  • (noun) Christianity A person officially recognized, especially by canonization, as being entitled to public veneration and capable of interceding for people on earth.
  • (noun) A person who has died and gone to heaven.
  • (noun) A member of any of various religious groups, especially a Latter-Day Saint.
  • (noun) An extremely virtuous person.
  • (verb-transitive) To name, recognize, or venerate as a saint; canonize.
  • (noun) a person who after death is formally recognized by a Christian Church, esp the Roman Catholic Church, as having attained, through holy deeds or behaviour, a specially exalted place in heaven and the right to veneration
  • (noun) a person of exceptional holiness or goodness
  • (noun) the collective body of those who are righteous in God's sight
  • (verb) to canonize; recognize formally as a saint

Use "saint" in a sentence

  • "That name, with the addition of _saint_, is inserted in the Roman calendar; and the saint, by a rare felicity, is crowned with the praises of the historians and philosophers of an enlightened age."
  • "If you look at the stamp, our saint is accompanied by a nice dog."
  • "An advertisement within paragraph (d) of this Class may be displayed only in the county with which the saint is associated."

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