Definition of "safes" [safes]

  • (noun) Plural form of safe.

Use "safes" in a sentence

  • "A crypto researcher named Matt Blaze wrote a paper called "Safecracking for the computer scientist" that detailed the common vulnerabilities in safes in use today (Bruce Schneier called the paper "excellent")."
  • "Opulent valuables belong in appropriate safes, which is where Döttling, a German-based creator of customized lockboxes, comes in."
  • "= -- A common usage with plumbers in the past has been to provide sinks, washbasins, bath tubs, and water-closets, not only with overflow pipes, but also with so-called safes, which consist of sheets of lead turned up several inches at the edge so as to catch all drippings and overflow from fixtures; from these safes a drip pipe or waste is conducted to the cellar, where it empties into a sink."

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