Definition of "saccharine" [sac•cha•rine]

  • (adjective) Of, relating to, or characteristic of sugar or saccharin; sweet.
  • (adjective) Having a cloyingly sweet attitude, tone, or character: a saccharine smile.
  • (adjective) Excessively sentimental: "It was enough for him to rely on sentiment . . . and saccharine assertions about The Home” ( Kate Millett).
  • (adjective) excessively sweet; sugary
  • (adjective) of, relating to, of the nature of, or containing sugar or saccharin

Use "saccharine" in a sentence

  • "Empathy without saccharine is just the perfect recipe for me, and I felt so much better after talking with her, someone who really knows me better than almost anyone."
  • "This early work is that of a young man still coming to terms with his sexuality and politics; there is a gentle, tentative longing here that would border on the saccharine were the poet not so evidently and deeply invested in every line."
  • "We are donating the technology of feeding with protein honey, and we are donating the technology of saccharine, which is very easy and simple to produce."

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