Definition of "runner" []

  • Sports One who competes in a race. (noun)
  • Baseball One who runs the bases. (noun)
  • Football One who carries the ball. (noun)
  • A fugitive. (noun)
  • One who carries messages or runs errands. (noun)
  • A person who runs, esp an athlete (noun)

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  • A messenger for a bank or brokerage firm (noun)
  • An employee of an art or antique dealer who visits auctions to bid on desired lots (noun)
  • A person engaged in the solicitation of business (noun)
  • A person on the run; fugitive (noun)
  • A person or vessel engaged in smuggling; smuggler (noun)
  • (in combination) (noun)
  • A person who operates, manages, or controls something (noun)
  • Either of the strips of metal or wood on which a sledge runs (noun)
  • The blade of an ice skate (noun)
  • A roller or guide for a sliding component (noun)
  • A channel through which molten material enters a casting or moulding (noun)
  • The rotating element of a water turbine (noun)
  • Any of various carangid fishes of temperate and tropical seas, such as Caranx crysos (blue runner) of American Atlantic waters (noun)
  • A slender stem with very long internodes, as of the strawberry, that arches down to the ground and propagates by producing roots and shoots at the nodes or tip (noun)
  • A plant that propagates in this way (noun)
  • A strip of lace, linen, etc, placed across a table, dressing table, etc, for protection and decoration (noun)
  • A narrow rug or carpet, as for a passage (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "runner" in a sentence
  • "Inside four overs they had lost Andrew Strauss to Chris Gayle, who batted with a runner and then bowled the third over, without a ­runner, ­presumably because he doesn't actually run, and Owais Shah, caught at the wicket having a wipe."
  • "K. WALDEN: He is what we call a runner, and when given the opportunity he will take off."
  • "On a more encouraging note, the Democratic front-runner is out-earning her."