Definition of "rundown" []

  • A point-by-point summary. (noun)
  • Baseball A play in which a runner is trapped between bases and is pursued by fielders attempting to make the tag. (noun)
  • In poor physical condition; weak or exhausted. (adjective)
  • Dirty and dilapidated: rundown housing projects. (adjective)
  • Unwound and not running: a run-down watch. (adjective)
  • To cause or allow (an engine, battery, etc) to lose power gradually and cease to function or (of an engine, battery, etc) to do this (verb)

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  • To decline or reduce in number or size (verb)
  • To tire, sap the strength of, or exhaust (verb)
  • To criticize adversely; denigrate; decry (verb)
  • To hit and knock to the ground with a moving vehicle (verb)
  • To collide with and cause to sink (verb)
  • To navigate so as to move parallel to (a coast) (verb)
  • To pursue and find or capture (verb)
  • To read swiftly or perfunctorily (verb)
  • Tired; exhausted (adjective)
  • Worn-out, shabby, or dilapidated (adjective)
  • A brief review, résumé, or summary (noun)
  • The process of a motor or mechanism coming gradually to a standstill after the source of power is removed (noun)
  • A reduction in number or size (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "rundown" in a sentence
  • "Is this the same guy that supports giving over 2 million dollars to some bar owner so he can run some bar in rundown Downtown Aurora?"
  • "And in a rundown, even though A.J. was going back to second, the rule of obstruction during a rundown is he gets his next advanced base and that's why he was rewarded third base."
  • "Here's a rundown from the German papers on the Iraq escalation votes:"