Definition of "runagate" [run•a•gate]

  • (noun) A renegade or deserter.
  • (noun) A vagabond.

Use "runagate" in a sentence

  • "“Fire upon him!” said the Lady of Lochleven; “if there be here a true servant of his father, let him shoot the runagate dead, and let the lake cover our shame!”"
  • "Constantinople, whither the tidings preceded them that King Afridun had prevailed over the Moslems; so quoth the ancient dame, Zat al-Dawahi, “I know that my son Hardub, King of Roum, is no runagate and that he feareth not the Islamitic hosts, but will restore the whole world to the Nazarene faith.”"
  • "If there were real reason for apprehension he would follow the runagate to the Continent, but he would not do this without absolute knowledge."

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