Definition of "rump" []

  • The fleshy hindquarters of an animal. (noun)
  • A cut of beef or veal from the rump. (noun)
  • The buttocks. (noun)
  • The part of a bird's back nearest the tail. (noun)
  • The last or inferior part. (noun)
  • The hindquarters of a mammal, not including the legs (noun)

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  • The rear part of a bird's back, nearest to the tail (noun)
  • A person's buttocks (noun)
  • A cut of beef from behind the loin and above the round (noun)
  • An inferior remnant (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "rump" in a sentence
  • "The deer were paint balled in the rump from the broadside."
  • "Graham WattGlasgow• If Scotland chooses independence Comment, 11 May, what would we call the rump of the UK?"
  • "Between the falda and the lower rump is the suadero, not usually found on charts and generally only cut to make tacos de suadero, most often found in Mexico City."