Definition of "ruit" [ruit]

  • A Middle English form of rut. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "ruit" in a sentence
  • "[5822] Cupidinis aestro percita e summo praeceps ruit, hoping thus to ease herself, and to be freed of her love pangs."
  • "Nutritio corporis, via pristina clausa, qua data porta ruit: in membranam pulmonum, minus firmatam facile fertur, et glandulis per sputum rejicitur."
  • "PF, in the course of his troubadouresque wanderings, has washed up for the night here in Peekskill, where he has brought to my attention the remarkable Douglas Young translations from Greek into Scots, in particular his translation of The Frogs which he called The Puddocks by Aristophanes:Aeschylus will heave his verses, ruit and word, and gar them flee, breenge, and skail the monie stourbaths whaur he rowes his poesie."