Definition of "rose-ringed" [rose-ringed]

  • Having a collar of rose-red feathers: noting a collared parrot, Palæornis torquatus, known as the rose-ringed parrakeet. See cut under ring-parrot.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "rose-ringed" in a sentence
  • "The diverse vegetation communities support a notable resident and migratory bird fauna, including cliff species such as fox-kestrel Falco alopex, Gabar goshawk Melierax gabar, yellow-billed shrike Corvinella corvina scarlet-chested sunbird Chalcomitra senegalensis,, rose-ringed parakeet Psittacula krameri, cliff chat Thamnolea cinnamomeiventris (abundant) and rock dove Columbia livia."
  • "Maps for Lost Lovers is fraught with images of nature: Jugnu’s prized moths and butterflies, the peacocks that invade his house after his and Chanda’s disappearance, the lilacs used to entice fish, the flock of Indian rose-ringed parakeets that mysteriously appear in English gardens."
  • "The harsh cries of the rose-ringed paroquets give place to the softer call of the slaty-headed species."