Definition of "rootedness" [rootedness]

  • (noun) The quality or state of having roots, especially of being firmly established, settled, or entrenched: "stories that give . . . a sense of rootedness and place” ( Pat Conroy).

Use "rootedness" in a sentence

  • "The region where Reagan grew up - defined by the towns where his salesman father, Jack Reagan, could land a job - gave him a sense of what Reagan biographer Lou Cannon calls rootedness, while his mother, Nelle Reagan, saw to it that he viewed his glass as at least half full."
  • "I disagree with utkal on "rootedness", in the sense that nothing about films like Welcome,"
  • "During a lecture in Toronto in 2007, Archbishop Williams had lamented what he called the lack of "rootedness" in the Anglican approach to Scripture and said "we've lost quite a bit of what was once a rather good Anglican practice of reading the Bible in the tradition of interpretation.""

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