Definition of "rockwork" [rock•work]

  • (noun) A natural mass or pile of rocks.
  • (noun) Stonework imitating the irregular surface of natural rock.

Use "rockwork" in a sentence

  • ""rockwork," many of them swimming, or flying, or eating, surrounded by mosses and the few dried plants available for such purposes -- in fact, represented in as natural a manner as is possible under the circumstances."
  • "Opposite to you, is a giant figure carved in stone, reclining, with an urn, upon a lofty piece of artificial rockwork; and out of the urn, dangles the fag end of a leaden pipe, which, once upon a time, poured a small torrent down the rocks."
  • "So I went along by the side of it, and came to a corner and a rockwork that enabled me to get to the top, and tumble into the garden I coveted."

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