Definition of "rising" []

  • Ascending, sloping upward, or advancing: a rising tide. (adjective)
  • Coming to maturity; emerging: the rising generation. (adjective)
  • The action of one that rises. (noun)
  • An uprising; an insurrection. (noun)
  • A prominence or projection. (noun)
  • An insurrection or rebellion; revolt (noun)

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  • The yeast or leaven used to make dough rise in baking (noun)
  • Increasing in rank, status, or reputation (adjective)
  • Increasing in maturity; growing up to adulthood (adjective)
  • Approaching the age of; nearly (adverb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "rising" in a sentence
  • "Extend the exercise so as to produce with each element, and with all the various intervals, a series or succession of rising and falling intervals, thus: _rising, falling, rising, falling_, etc."
  • "I seem on a narrow island, the ocean is all around me, and the tide is rising, _rising_."
  • "It occurs to me that it might be a good idea to call Maggie … to call someone, at any rate—Izzy, or Peter, or even, his name rising phantomlike and unwelcome but rising, incredibly, nonetheless, Con…"