Definition of "rinky-dink" [rinky-dink]

  • Old-fashioned; worn-out. (adjective)
  • Insignificant; unimportant. (adjective)
  • Of cheap or poor quality; makeshift. (adjective)
  • One that is regarded as old-fashioned, worn-out, insignificant, or cheap in quality. (noun)

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Use "rinky-dink" in a sentence
  • "If Google just got contacts sharing right, sooooo many little rinky-dink Exchange wannabees would go out of business."
  • "At 60, however, having reached a nadir — he loses his job teaching fifth-grade history at a second-rate school and moves from his substantial place to a “rinky-dink starter apartment” — he gets a do-over."
  • "Imagine a zombie-style outbreak film told within the confines of a rinky-dink radio station, as residents of Pontypool call in with the terrifying news of their neighbors and loved ones turning into rabid, murderous creatures."