Definition of "rightly" [right•ly]

  • (adverb) In a correct manner; properly: act rightly.
  • (adverb) With honesty; justly.
  • (adverb) Informal Really: I don't rightly know.

Use "rightly" in a sentence

  • "There he was a minute or two since, seated by that cannon, apparently an attentive and much edified auditor of a discussion we were holding on the celebrated theory of a certain bishop of your own country; which theory, rightly considered -- mind, I say _rightly considered_ -- neighbor"
  • "It hath been therefore a great felicity to these kingdoms, that the heirs to titles and large estates, have a weakness in their eyes, a tenderness in their constitutions, are not able to bear the pain and indignity of whipping; and as the mother rightly expresses it, could never take to their book; yet are well enough qualified to sign a receipt for half a year's rent, to put their names (_rightly spelt_) to"
  • "The Great Depression of the 1930s -- the last time the term rightly applied -- was industrial capitalism's worst calamity."

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