Definition of "rhyme" [rhyme]

  • (noun) Correspondence of terminal sounds of words or of lines of verse.
  • (noun) A poem or verse having a regular correspondence of sounds, especially at the ends of lines.
  • (noun) Poetry or verse of this kind.
  • (noun) A word that corresponds with another in terminal sound, as behold and cold.
  • (verb-intransitive) To form a rhyme.

Use "rhyme" in a sentence

  • "Verse without rhyme, is a body without a soul, (for the “chief life consisteth in the rhyme”) or a bell without a clapper; which, in strictness, is no bell, as being neither of use nor delight."
  • "Why, for instance, Riordan has his characters speak in rhyme is never satisfactorily revealed."
  • "I appreciate the implication that these small couplets are the only inoculation against certain death that kids have in their defensive arsenal -- and that the rhyme is a lesson hard-learned, acquired from the corpses of generations."

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