Definition of "reward" []

  • Something given or received in recompense for worthy behavior or in retribution for evil acts. (noun)
  • Money offered or given for some special service, such as the return of a lost article or the capture of a criminal. (noun)
  • A satisfying return or result; profit. (noun)
  • Psychology The return for performance of a desired behavior; positive reinforcement. (noun)
  • To give a reward to or for. (verb-transitive)
  • Something given or received in return for a deed or service rendered (noun)

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  • A sum of money offered, esp for help in finding a criminal or for the return of lost or stolen property (noun)
  • Profit or return (noun)
  • Something received in return for good or evil; deserts (noun)
  • Any pleasant event that follows a response and therefore increases the likelihood of the response recurring in the future (noun)
  • To give (something) to (someone), esp in gratitude for a service rendered; recompense (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "reward" in a sentence
  • "-- But however great have been your exertions; however much they have been guided by the precepts of humanity and religion, your public reward has been censure and criticism; but let not such airy weapons damp your ardour for doing good; your _just reward_ is in Heaven, not on earth."
  • "The minute I mention the word reward on air, well get hundreds of phony tips."
  • "Below that the word reward and the ministry house phone number."