Definition of "revanche" [revanche]

  • (noun) The act of retaliating; revenge.
  • (noun) A usually political policy, as of a nation or an ethnic group, intended to regain lost territory or standing.

Use "revanche" in a sentence

  • "These trading people not content with an army that kept French "revanche" discreetly silent and Slav "unity" a dream of the future presumed to have a sea-born commerce that grew by leaps and bounds, and they dared to build a navy to defend and even to extend it."
  • "O juiz alega na sua sentença que escrevi o artigo movido por um “sentimento de revanche” contra os irmãos Maiorana."
  • "This Week in DVD, Black Dynamite, Cabin Fever 2, coco before chanel, Good Hair, halo legends, Hunger, Law-Abiding-Citizen, revanche, spring fever kingdarius black dynamite is no less than a buy because it was hilarious! and basically tha funniest movie i've seen since 40yr old virgin and saying its a rent is just plain disrespectful"

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