Definition of "residual" []

  • Of, relating to, or characteristic of a residue. (adjective)
  • Remaining as a residue. (adjective)
  • The quantity left over at the end of a process; a remainder. (noun)
  • A payment made to a performer, writer, or director for each repeat showing of a recorded television show or commercial. Often used in the plural. (noun)
  • Of, relating to, or designating a residue or remainder; remaining; left over (adjective)

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  • (of deposits, soils, etc) formed by the weathering of pre-existing rocks and the removal of disintegrated material (adjective)
  • Of or relating to the payment of residuals (adjective)
  • Something left over as a residue; remainder (noun)
  • The difference between the mean of a set of observations and one particular observation (noun)
  • The difference between the numerical value of one particular observation and the theoretical result (noun)
  • Payment made to an actor, actress, musician, etc, for subsequent use of film in which the person appears (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "residual" in a sentence
  • "We all know by now the term residual income I hope?"
  • "So what's neat about that is what we call a residual haunting."
  • "This is what we call a residual income, which means you will get paid time and time again for work you do once."