Definition of "remnant" [rem•nant]

  • Something left over; a remainder. (noun)
  • A piece of fabric remaining after the rest has been used or sold. (noun)
  • A surviving trace or vestige: a remnant of his past glory. (noun)
  • A small surviving group of people. Often used in the plural. (noun)

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Use "remnant" in a sentence
  • "Amos, in which to make it fit the subject, (which after all it does not fit,) is the substitution of the words, “the remnant of men, ” for the words, “remnant of Edom, ” as it is in the original."
  • "Now, the remnant is usually the group that ultimately gets “saved” after a period of time, and the definition of “saved” obviously depends on what flavor of religion is your choice."
  • "One is Isa.x. 22, 23, which speaks of the saving of a remnant, that is, but a remnant, which, though in the prophecy it seems to refer to the preservation of a remnant from the destruction and desolation that were coming upon them by Sennacherib and his army, yet is to be understood as looking further, and sufficiently proves that it is no strange thing for God to abandon to ruin a great many of the seed of"