Definition of "remembrancer" [re•mem•bran•cer]

  • (noun) One that causes another to remember something.
  • (noun) An officer of the British judiciary responsible for collecting debts owed to the Crown.
  • (noun) An official who represents the City of London, as on ceremonial occasions.

Use "remembrancer" in a sentence

  • "It is quite certain that the principal acts and wars of each king were recorded by the court scribes, or official "remembrancer" or"
  • "And for myself, I am so convinced of the merit of the work that should it ever be thrown in my way to serve you in the way of your profession, depend on it that I shall not forget you while I have so good a remembrancer in the house."
  • "But until then Susan, the last Bradford daughter at Pine Hill, would be the remembrancer, the recorder, the celebrant."

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