Definition of "religieux" [religieux]

  • One who is engaged by vows to follow a certain rule of life authorized by the church; a member of a monastic order; a monk. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "religieux" in a sentence
  • "Une grosse croix orne son cou et il a un sceptre "religieux""
  • "Originally, for instance, venting the hearty Protestant sentiment that only the Christianity of laymen is sound, he had written: "I am happy to say that 'religieux' has no English equivalent"."
  • "He hath made a code to shorten the law; he hath put out all the ancient commanders of castles that were become hereditary; he hath made all the fryers subject to the bishops, which before were only subject to Rome, and so were hardly the King's subjects, and that none shall become 'religieux' but at such an age, which he thinks will in a few, years ruin the Pope, and bring France into a patriarchate."