Definition of "reinstalls" [reinstalls]

  • (verb) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of reinstall.

Use "reinstalls" in a sentence

  • "If proud owners of T-Mobile's new G2 Android phone -- a great-looking device -- try to hack it to gain "root" access so they can install modified software, the phone overrides the modification and reinstalls the original software."
  • "A shame I couldn't get Crysis working on my PC at some point, now it can't even start up despite several reinstalls."
  • "If reality matters at all, then Clinton has to sue these people for libel, and the Democrats have to forumlate a media reform platform that includes ending the Disney copyrite law, and reinstalls the FCC's oversight to clamp down on blatant politicking by media boardrooms with our public airwaves."

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