Definition of "reed" []

  • Any of various tall perennial grasses, especially of the genera Phragmites or Arundo, having hollow stems, broad leaves, and large plumelike terminal panicles. (noun)
  • The stalk of any of these plants. (noun)
  • A collection of these stalks: reed for making baskets. (noun)
  • Music A primitive wind instrument made of a hollow reed stalk. (noun)
  • Music A flexible strip of cane or metal set into the mouthpiece or air opening of certain instruments to produce tone by vibrating in response to a stream of air. (noun)
  • Any of various widely distributed tall grasses of the genus Phragmites, esp P. communis, that grow in swamps and shallow water and have jointed hollow stalks (noun)

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  • The stalk, or stalks collectively, of any of these plants, esp as used for thatching (noun)
  • A thin piece of cane or metal inserted into the tubes of certain wind instruments, which sets in vibration the air column inside the tube (noun)
  • A wind instrument or organ pipe that sounds by means of a reed (noun)
  • One of the several vertical parallel wires on a loom that may be moved upwards to separate the warp threads (noun)
  • A small semicircular architectural moulding (noun)
  • An ancient Hebrew unit of length equal to six cubits (noun)
  • To fashion into or supply with reeds or reeding (verb)
  • To thatch using reeds (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "reed" in a sentence
  • "It is, to paraphrase yourself, absurd lore, but the reed is there."
  • "The outer "reed" is not a sound-producing device, but a return spring."
  • "Shortly thereafter, having sung about the column, and the fire upon it that burns “unto the honor of God”, he stops again, receives the reed from the acolyte, and with one of the three candles, lights the Paschal candle."