Definition of "recombining" [recombining]

  • Present participle of recombine. (verb)
  • The exchanging of genetic material (noun)
  • That undergoes recombination (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "recombining" in a sentence
  • "There will be a role for Edgeio-like aggregators to play in recombining and sanitizing those feeds, but the idea of paying a centralized job board a fee of $200 will ultimately become a nonsense."
  • "Though "recombining" elements of popular music is a court case in the making, there has, he suggests, not surprisingly been an enormous interest in creating music for ringtones and for games."
  • "It was frustrated ancient scribes who first realized the limitations of literal pictographs and began decoupling and recombining sounds, symbols and meanings—in short, punning—to invent history's first true alphabet."
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